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Aug 25, 2022

Coaching and Consulting businesses are flooding the marketplace. It does not matter which industry you are in; this means there is more competition than ever before. However, only a 3% of coaches and consultants make more than $100k a year. So, here are the steps to take to rise to the top of your industry and move into the 3%. 

In this 100th episode, I discuss the importance of scaling your coaching and consultancy business from $100k to a multi-six and seven-figure business. I also discuss the process I use with my clients to scale their businesses. 


Snapshots of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • The importance of shifting your mindset to a bigger goal if you want to scale your business.
  • Why you may need to RE-DESIGN your business model to scale. What mistakes do most people make?
  • Why should you REVAMP your marketing strategy and its effect on scaling?
  • Why should you be more defined on your sales strategy and the importance of assessing your sales strengths and weaknesses?
  • RESTRUCTURE your sales process can help you to scale your coaching or consulting business?
  • How to REV-UP your revenue if you want to scale your $100k coaching/consulting business to a seven-figure business.


About the Host:

Ann Carden is a highly sought-after Expert Business Growth Consultant, Marketing Strategist, three-time published Author, and a #1 Bestselling Author, and Professional Speaker for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  

With more than forty-one years of business experience and coaching and consulting hundreds of coaches, entrepreneur’s and owners in more than forty different industries to more success, Ann knows what it takes to succeed in all areas of business.

After spending thirteen years in corporate business management, Ann started her journey as an entrepreneur building businesses for herself for twenty-nine years. Her first business started out of financial hardship and Ann was able to propel that business into the international market (before the internet.)

After selling that business, she went on to start and build five more businesses to succeed. She has sold those businesses and today has a passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs build their success.

She has been featured on the affiliates of ABC, NBC, CW, and FOX, among many other media outlets. Her articles have been published on Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine, and she has been a featured guest on multiple podcast shows such as; “Business Innovators Radio” podcast which can be heard at:

She was also chosen as one of the top coaches in the world by Six-Figure Coach Magazine.

Through the years Ann has educated thousands of professionals through speaking, workshops, seminars, and online platforms as a Speaker.


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